Frequently Asked Questions

Image by Clayworks Ltd.

How significant are the health benefits?

We won’t lie to you—if you do just a feature wall in your living room, it will look gorgeous, but it won’;t significantly impact the air quality. For that you need to do the whole room, preferably with the ceiling. (but just the walls will make a big difference, too). As for “how significant”, take a look at some of the testimonials

Is this suitable for an office?

Absolutely! In fact, given the typically very poor air quality in most offices (electronics, recycled air, etc.), offices are ideal for clay plaster application.

How fast can you to come to my home or office to do the work?

We are typically booked 1-2 months in advance. However, if your project is relatively small (a room, a wall, a fireplace, etc.), we will do what we can to “squeeze you in”. Keep in mind that there is no other company in Alberta that specializes in this. Skilled labour is in short supply!

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Ecowalls warranties labour and materials for a period of 2 years. However, we do not cover if the plaster is damaged due to underlying substrate failure. (for example, a burst pipe that damages the drywall from the inside, etc.)

Will it stick to [INSERT SUBSTRATE HERE]?

The answer is, if its not wood, then yes it will stick to it. Certain substrates require more preparation. Call to discuss what you have in mind.

This is obviously more expensive than paint. Is there a way to save money?

Yes! Depending on the plaster finish you choose, the drywall need only be taken to level 2 or 3. That’s a lot of saved labour! ecowalls also accepts major credit cards and has been known to work out payment plans with clients. We want you breathing cleaner air and feeling calmer as soon as possible!

How long will this take?

Although the process is very labour intensive, our artisans are wicked good and speedy! A typical room (400 sq ft of wall space) free of obstructions, should take no more than 2.5 days.

What if I don’t like the color?

For larger jobs, we will always provide a free 2’x2’ sample board so that clients/designers can sign off on the color. For smaller jobs (under 1000 sq. ft.), there is a small cost associated with each color sample, if required.

How disruptive will the work be?

It is comparable to getting paint done, with one huge advantage: everything is water washable.

What if it gets damaged...can it be fixed?

The short answer is a resounding YES. Clay is extremely repairable. Minor scratches can be worked out with a sponge. While chips or gouges to the substrate do require professional attention, most repairs take under one hour. Lime plasters are more demanding to repair, however, they are much more difficult to damage in the in the first place. It is stone, afterall!

Can I get any LEED credits by using clay on my walls?

Yup. You sure can. Call to find out more about this.

How long will the finish last?

Theoretically, indefinitely! Clay and lime plasters don’t fade over time like paint does. They will always look as vibrant as the day they were applied. Think centuries old Italian buildings.

What if sometime in the future I want to change my walls again?

If you’ve got one of our clay finishes on your walls or ceilings, you’re in luck! Just call us and with just some water and a little elbow grease, we’ll take it right off. (we can even use that as a base coat on a future project).