Timeless Finishes, That Can Realize Any Vision and Style.

Over the last decade of transforming spaces with architectural finishes and artisanal plasters, we’ve learned that taking the time to foster a caring, trusting relationship with the client before any work begins is as important as the work itself. We listen and ask questions. And then listen some more. Clarity of vision for the project — both for the client and for us — is the key to a balanced and happy outcome.

Natural Plasters At Home

The air we breathe in at our homes should always be clear and safe. That’s why our natural plasters are completely toxin and VOC-free. Learn more about the benefits of clay here.

Clay Or Lime-Which Is Right For You?

Although these two materials can often look similar, they are quite different. Choose clay for the added health benefits and humidity buffering. Choose lime for complete color control and a wide textural range. Call us for a more in-depth comparison.

Commercial Spaces

Both clay and lime are suited for hotels, restaurants and retail stores. See the custom wall finish we created for our previous clients.