Our Product

Healthier, Richer & Infinite in Expression.

Natural Clay & Lime Plaster

The versatility of natural clay and lime plaster is unparalleled.

Their natural composition creates timeless finishes that can realize any vision and style: the textures possible, the richness in colors, the variety of aggregates that can be incorporated for countless nuance, the different techniques our skilled artisans can use to exploit the breadth of the material—all to make a desired vision come to life.

From mirror-like finishes that are reflective enough to see yourself in, to worn out 80-year-old concrete – the sky is the limit.

Environmental Health Advantage


Durable, easy to maintain, repairable surfaces

High thermal mass systems passively regulate internal temperature fluctuations

100% natural, no synthetic additives

Recyclable, reusable or 100% compostable

Resistant to mould and fungal growth

Zero VOC emissions

Through body coloured

Passive regulation of internal humidity levels due to hygroscopic and vapour permeable nature

Improves indoor air quality through the absorption of toxins and odours

UV resistant, meaning no painting, repainting or fading

Very low embodied carbon and embodied energy

Seamless surfaces and flexibility accommodates movement of building elements

Effective acoustic absorber

Perpetual emission of negative ions.

Clay Finishes

Ecowalls is the proud Canadian representative and installer for British clay plaster manufacturer, Clayworks Clay Plasters.

Clayworks comes in four finishes: Tonal Polished Top Coat, Smooth Top Coat (with or without mica), Demi-rustic and Rustic. Each one of these can be manipulated to create an exciting and wide range of finishes. Below is a sampling of exclusive finishes and textures developed by Clayworks. Let Ecowalls transform your space with one of these beautiful creations!


Bespoke artisanal finishes, patterned or sculpted. 2 tone overlay or 3 tone overlay. A carved finish of different overlaid colours and textures. The ultimate individual artisan finish much favoured for the interiors of restaurants, retail spaces and hotels. Inspirations for designs range from indigenous pottery, woven rugs, patterned tiles to vernacular motifs.

Relief & Anaglypta

Bespoke artisanal finishes, anaglypta or sculpted relief. Anaglyptic patterns and hand shaped relief. A marked three-dimensional finish of unique individuality which can be customised with numerous variations. A favourite choice for statement walls contrasting with other surfaces or materials. A varying range of patterned reliefs can be achieved such as geometric patterns, pressed timber effect, ‘rammed earth’ or ‘corduroy’. The only limit is the imagination.

Pigmented Rustic

Coarse scoured, sponge finish or trowelled finish. Coarse texture with varying aggregate sizes and/or decorative long or short straw additives. A sumptuous finish of varying degrees of texture giving great character and depth of colour. Can be used as a single coat plaster giving enough thickness in one coat to bring temperature and humidity regulating benefits, as well as evening out irregularities in the wall substrate

Pigmented Smooth

Japanese hard-trowel finish or sponge finish. A smooth finish of varying texture achieved by using different finishing tools and techniques. Particularly suited to those wanting a contemporary, crisp finish. When finished smooth, it can be wiped for easy maintenance.

Clayworks Textures

Rustic Top Coat Arakabe With Long Straw

Rustic Top Coat – Japanese Black Lacquer

Rustic Top Coat – Arakabe Heavy Texture

Rustic Top Coat – Arakabe With Heavy Straw

Rustic Top Coat – Rammed Earth / Tonal Variations

Rustic Top Coat – Textured Concrete Effect

Smooth Top Coat – Polished Concrete Effect

Rustic Top Coat – Shuttered Concrete Effect

Rustic Pigmented Top Coat – Trowel Dragged

Rustic Pigmented Top Coat – Horizons

Rustic Pigmented Top Coat – Demi Rustic

Rustic Pigmented Top Coat – Goose Bumps

Smooth Pigmented Top Coat – Non Mica

Smooth Pigmented Top Coat – Beeswaxed

Rustic Pigmented Top Coat – Ombre

Rustic Pigmented Top Coat – Sculpted Relief

Rustic Pigmented Top Coat – Hand Marked

Rustic Pigmented Top Coat – Shifting Dunes

Rustic Pigmented Top Coat – Moonscape

Rustic Pigmented Top Coat – Pressed Timber

Rustic Pigmented Top Coat – Rammed Earth

Rustic Pigmented Top Coat – Velvet

Rustic Pigmented Top Coat – Corduroy

Rustic Pigmented Top Coat – Two-Tone Anaglyptic

Rustic Pigmented Top Coat – Two Tone Carved

Rustic Pigmented Top Coat – Wood Grain

Rustic Pigmented Top Coat – Scoured

Smooth Pigmented Top Coat – Sponged

Smooth Pigmented Topcoat – Mica – Hard Trowelled

Clayworks Colour Palette

Golden - 103

Camomile - 104

Flax - 105

Nettle - 203

Moss - 204

Sage - 205

Cacao - 303

Umber - 304

Dune - 305

Violet - 403

Conch - 404

Raspberry - 405

Terracotta - 503

Saffron - 504

Ginger - 505

Stone - 603

Azul - 604

Storm - 605

White - 703

Buff - 704

Moon - 705

Wheat - 803

Earth - 804

Pebble - 805

Olive - 903

Slate - 904

Lichen - 905