Real Stone—Without the Weight or the Cost!

By Patrick Allard

Stone is beautiful. But let’s face it: it’s expensive and heavy. If you want to put stone on a surface that wasn’t designed to hold stone, you will have to start from scratch to reinforce the framing. More cost…

There is a solution: Lime plasters!

Whether it’s a stove hood, a new fireplace, an existing fireplace that looks oh-so-dated, or even a backsplash, lime plaster is an ideal medium to get real stone on to your surface without the hassle and cost of stone.

Traditional lime plasters like the ones we use at ecowalls, are based on “old world formulas”, and as such do not contain any acrylic. The materials and techniques we use are the same as the ones used centuries ago in Europe. Many of those surfaces still stand today…Within a few weeks after installation, the plaster will have completed its lime cycle, sequestering carbon atoms from the air to leave nothing but limestone and marble. (Marble dust is a common aggregate for traditional lime plasters). The end result is

  • beautiful
  • strong
  • durable
  • environmentally sustainable

You can find out more details about the benefits and reasons why lime plasters are a smart choice here

Lime plaster comes in many different categories and “aggregate size”, allowing for a remarkable range of possibilities in texture, colour and shine. If you can think it (and express it!), we can create it!