Breathe Hot Yoga

By Patrick Allard

Here is a Facebook post I am shamelessly lifting from Breathe’s business page. It’s about us, so I’m sure they won’t mind…;)
There really isn’t a better finish for this type of environment: constant high humidity, for a clientele that is uber-health conscious. Suzie the owner, has always been a pleasure to collaborate with. She “gets it”. She believes in the product, what we do, and is a fierce & loyal supporter. We’ve done 3 studios for her already and it looks like a 4th is in the works. Go Suzie, go!

DID YOU KNOW?… Our hot studio walls are 100% natural American Clay. American Clay is moisture controlling, mould resistant, dirt repellant and VOC-free. It also releases negative ions that produce biochemical reactions increasing levels of the mood chemical serotonin. When in contact with ambient moisture, the clay releases negatively charged particles into the air, which helps make the atmosphere in the room healthier, alleviating depression, relieving stress and boosting your energy and over-all feeling of well-being. And they’re pretty too!